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We are first and foremost, a social media company, focused on developing amazing brands through Facebook, Instagram, and Premium Domains.

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We don’t value ourselves as just a media company, but as a studio for new businesses.

From fashion to politics to art to food advice, we’ve lived it, built it and are monetizing.

Our process now as a company is fixing the problems with digital real estate. We’ve noticed trends where the biggest domains on the internet get focused on sitting there for decades waiting to be sold. We also see top social media accounts doing clickbait, cheap sales and promotions to monetize over building real businesses. Our strategy is taking prime domains and prime social media accounts and combine them together with unique ideas, products and more to become larger businesses.

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Charles Peralo is an inventor and social media builder since 2009. He started with his first pages on Facebook geared towards political and environmental causes which he grew to a network of over 100,000 followers. After that, he got early into bitcoin developing some of the first Facebook groups catering to people who wanted to buy or sell the crypto currency in 2011 with other people involved and was an early investor. He currently holds three patents and a page network he personally owns of 2m followers on Facebook and 3m partially owned on Instagram. He has interviewed names such as Joe Lieberman, Butch Hartman, Gary Johnson, Newt Gingrich, Al Sharpton, Morrissey, Michael Flynn and many others. His interest in starting Stop Scrolling is bridging the gap between mass social media following and startups

Charles Peralo

Co-founder & Director, Business Development
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Stephan Salas

Co-founder & Director, Information Technology
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